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Professional Workshops run by Vicki for individuals, groups and business owners. 

Composition & Design 

Using art elements and awakening the senses



In the moment and visual awareness


Conscious intention

Purpose & conceptual photography


Workshop’s for Wellbeing 

I’ve created a series of unique photography workshops designed to give people from all walks of life a creative skill that goes well beyond the ability to simply take a picture. I do this in an environment that is positive, collaborative and fun.

Participants in these workshops are encouraged to express themselves freely, without fear of failure or judgment. There is no right or wrong way, no test at the end, and no red dots on a wall.

The workshops are about breaking out of the traditional classroom and becoming immersed in the world around us. It might be at the local beach, a park, or a suburban street, either way it’s about getting out and about,

Having fun and simply having a go.

Let’s change the picture

 “The process of discovery involved in creating something new appears to be one of the most enjoyable activities any human can be involved in.” –Czikszentmihalyi

The suicide statistics in Australia have reached alarming and unacceptable levels; my goal is to help turn this around.

By teaching people the creative skill that is mindful photography I am passing on the ability to literally stop and re-focus negative thoughts and feelings, to see something for what it really is, to open the creative mind and let new ideas in. When we apply our creative brains to problem solving we are more likely to arrive at positive outcomes.

Even if my students never pick up a camera again, and I sincerely hope they do, these are invaluable skills they can take with them and practice for life.

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